Marsha Kosmatka knows there are many issues facing our state and our communities. As a small businesswoman, a former Prosecutor and defense attorney; Marsha has made a career out of having to multi-task and give her time to many important things all at one time. From small business issues to education to veteran's issues to protecting the 2nd Amendment; Marsha Kosmatka is the right candidate - at the right time - to help help move our state forward and fight for Oakland County families in Lansing.


"It’s time we put the ‘Independent’ back in Independent School District, and it’s well overdue that our State and Federal government quit micromanaging our local schools. By reducing burdensome unfunded mandates, reducing our dependence on standardized testing, increasing accountability, and shifting decision making away from the bureaucrats in Lansing and to our local school boards, principals, teachers, and families, can provide every child with a path to success. Michigan students deserve a world-class education that prepares them for a future, not just taking a test."

Jobs and the Economy

"The most important issue on people’s minds today remains our economy and jobs. Providing for our families is a great challenge, and keeping Michigan’s economy growing is the only way to create the additional jobs we need. More than that, balancing our state’s budget, supporting our schools, and improving our quality of life requires a growing, thriving economy. I will be a frugal steward of your tax dollars, always seeking better and more efficient ways for the state to do its job."

Life and Families

"I will always vote for policies that strengthen and protect our families. Government must never attempt to take the place of parents. I am pro-life, and hope that we can continue to take steps to offer abortion alternatives to those struggling with that heartbreaking decision."

2nd Amendment

"Our right to bear arms is one of the most sacred freedoms protected by the Constitution and I am committed to defending and preserving this liberty. This right to bear arms is not granted by the Government – it is a fundamental right upon which Government may not infringe. I will fight against any unconstitutional regulation of gun ownership and will work to expand the situations and places in which lawful gun owners may carry."


“Many of my friends, family members, including my father, and acquaintances have dedicated their lives to serving in the military. I have an incredible amount of respect for anyone who is currently serving, served in the past, or are planning on serving in the military in the future. It is so important that our veterans get the services and assistance that they need and deserve. I will personally work for all veterans to ensure that they are getting the medical and mental health assistance that they need.”


Obamacare is wrong for the country and for Michigan. It is job-killing, budget-busting legislation that puts the government in control of 1/6 of our economy. Under Obamacare’s “Medicaid expansion,” it would continue to grow, leaving Michiganders with a higher tax bill or less funds for education, economic development, and infrastructure. Ending discrimination for pre-existing conditions was a positive step in the right direction, but market-driven solutions like health savings accounts and high-deductible policies are a better answer to affordable coverage and financial protection.